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Have you ever been part of a revolution? Teaming up with like-minded people, adopting a totally different view on the world we live in and helping to push for changes having a positive and sustainable impact on it? Well, here is your opportunity! Talking about Industry 4.0, we prepare for a contemporary revolution that relies on new technologies and new talent to make our business more energy-efficient and environment-friendly.

Smart tech requires smart people.

Industry 4.0 has gained a rapid foothold in the steel industry and continues to advance at a rapid pace. Digital transformation is at the heart of most of the opportunities we face. Joining us means taking on these challenges and being part of a team that integrates digitalisation as an important element of its business strategy.

We see digital transformation as an opportunity to create additional value for our customers and give life to ideas that once seemed futuristic or utopic. Imagine self-controlling or smart plants. It is all coming to life thanks to the innovative use of digital technology. The impacts for our customers and for our environment as a whole are major; that is why digitalisation has been defined as a key strategic pillar within our company.

By following a design thinking approach, we create new products and services such as process forecasting through continuous big data analytics software, advanced digital touchpoints for our customers, predictive maintenance tools allowing the optimization of equipment lifecycle costs and digital twins relying on latest Internet-of-Things (IoT) technologies.


In our innovation approach, we are exploring new high-potential technologies with regard to reality capture for efficient engineering. We also consider that additive manufacturing opens up new horizons for equipment design.

A step-wise development with early holding points for market introduction and early customer feedback ensures that our developed products focus onto the real demand.


Anand’s story

With a Master in metallurgical engineering from RWTH Aachen in Germany, Anand has been part of Paul Wurth’s Process Engineering team in Luxembourg since 2016.

“Green solutions for our future and coming generations”

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