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As an engineering company, innovation is at the heart of everything we do. It is the driving force that helps us to create new products and services, improve existing solutions and methods, thus creating or giving us access to new growing markets.

This is why we regularly invite our people to think outside of the box. Don’t even think about the box! Innovation happens where people connect with challenges, opportunities and resources. Innovation happens at Paul Wurth. Join us!

150 years of pioneering.

It all started with an opportunity. The main industrial opportunity of the late 19th century: steel. Paul Wurth started as a boilermaker facility. Very good at its craft, the company seized the opportunity of the time and started to develop and diversify its activities. A new lever of success developed through improving existing processes and innovating by designing and launching new products and services.

Almost 150 years later, we’re still at it! We are an international engineering company, combining broad experience with the capacity to continuously innovate. Today Paul Wurth Group is a leading player in the design and supply of the full-range of technological solutions for the primary stage of integrated steelmaking. We employ more than 1600 talented employees and have entities in around 20 countries.


Thinking outside of the box and maximizing the potential of innovation has helped our people to push Paul Wurth’s activity also beyond the area of steelmaking. We have gained an excellent reputation for tailor-made services, encompassing integral planning and multidisciplinary engineering for urban development and planning, civil construction and infrastructure projects. We are also committed to the development of new mainstays in the energy sector and the protection of our environment.


Silvia's story

With a Master degree in chemical engineering from University of Genoa in Italy, Silvia joined us in 2015 as Process Engineer and works on the design of de-dusting plants. 


“Proud to be involved in future-related issues”

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