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Dry reforming energy efficiency

  • Date 25/06/2019

Located in Luxembourg


Master Thesis for 6 months

In the frame of the CO2 emission reduction requirements for the steel industry, Paul Wurth is developing the dry reforming of coke oven gas and/or natural gas together with the blast furnace top gas.

This technology can allow reducing the CO2 emissions from the steel plant in a stepwise approach to up to 40%.


Calculation models for:

  • Overall heat recovery flow sheet
  • Heat exchangers flame temperature
  • Pressure drop calculation
  • Individual process parameters of the compressors / blowers
  • Energy calculations

Technical documents at conceptual level including:

  • PIDs, layout, equipment arrangement
  • Functional and process description
  • Equipment specifications
  • Automatic bill of quantity
  • Supplier evaluations

Commercial documents including:

  • Supplier quotations
  • Cost estimation sheet

Elaboration of intermediate and the final report as well as regular presentations of the work progress.

Must Have:

  • You are currently pursuing a Master with a specialization in process or chemical engineering
  • Technical knowledge with respect to heat and mass balances
  • High degree of initiative and responsibility and willingness to fully invest yourself in the assigned projects
  • Interaction with our purchasing department and colleagues from the relevant technical areas of Paul Wurth as well as with suppliers
  • Fluent in English.

Nice To Have:

German or/and French

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