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Paul Wurth’s history is built on iron and steel, just like a large part of today’s world as we know it. By contributing to the advancement of these industries, we actively participate in the shaping of wealth, prosperity and social development. At the heart of this transformation: pioneers with an exceptional mind, capable of coping with the challenges of their time and constantly striving to move beyond existing limitations.

Imagine solutions.

Almost 150 years in the business, Paul Wurth still relies on the talent of its outstanding people to create ground breaking and technically advanced solutions for its customers. As a global player in the steelmaking industry, we constantly face new challenges that force us to manage an on-going cycle of innovation. We thus take an active role in shaping the industry of tomorrow. Our corporate strategy is in line with this approach: it strives at becoming and remaining a leading partner of trust for the markets we serve.

For all these projects we are fortunate to count on the support of our employees around the world. Day after day, they carry out their work with passion and commitment. Their expertise helps us to offer our customers flexible and customised solutions for an economically viable and environmentally friendly production. Throughout the entire life cycle of the customers’ plants and equipment, this same commitment and creativity allows to develop innovative modernisation, maintenance and repair services.


The digitalisation of the industrial production represents yet another transformation that offers significant potential to further diversify our product portfolio, to offer future-oriented solutions and to insure growth, both for our company and the people working for us. We invite you to join the pioneers.


Ben’s story

Holding a diploma in mechanical engineering from RWTH Aachen, Ben joined Paul Wurth’s Blast Furnace department in 2008 before moving in 2016 to Paul Wurth Geprolux, where he is in charge of the engineering office. 

“A source of great personal enrichment.”

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