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Paul Wurth is a global player with roots in Luxembourg. We work on projects all over the world - from blast furnaces in India or Russia to cokemaking plants in Brazil or Indonesia. But of course, we are also active on a local level. Civil construction and infrastructure projects offer huge opportunities for your engineering and project management skills. Working for Paul Wurth, we invite you to adopt an intercultural mentality that allows you to adapt to local needs – without losing sight of the big picture.


Working at our headquarters is a great experience and helps you to take full advantage of the multiple and diverse competencies that are around. But having worked on a major project, you will not want to miss a core ingredient of the experience: follow the project to its final location and live the experience up to its finalisation.

As an international engineering company we are active in all major iron and steelmaking markets around the globe. Our global network has entities in around 20 different countries and employs more than 1600 people. Working at Paul Wurth never becomes monotonous or boring; it offers you the opportunity to travel around the globe and to be involved in a great variety of projects.


Whether it is in sales, project execution or services, our local experts, with their knowledge and longstanding experience, are fully committed to supporting our Group’s business units “Ironmaking”, “Cokemaking”, “Agglomeration & Environmental Technologies” and “Service”, so that we can respond quickly and flexibly to our customers’ specific needs in their respective market.


Ludivine’s story

With a Master degree in chemical engineering from Ecole Centrale de Marseille in France, Ludivine joined us in 2005 as a Project Engineer, working until today with passion on multiple R&D projects. 

“Paul Wurth has faith in its talents”

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